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  • ANGREPP – 10 Year Anniversary En Arena 19/9 2015


    En Arena 19/9 2015  ANGREPP + DIE HARD 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!
     19.30 Obscyria 20.10 Vornth 21.10 In Aeternum 22.10 Die Hard 23.30 Angrepp
     DJ: Myrkheimrs

    Galenskap ända till slutet: ANGREPP som andra födelsedagsband och sist ut denna kväll. Dom fullaste hade redan tagit ut sig själva men resten orkade fortfarande röja till slutet. Tempot hade inte dragits ner vid nått tillfälle utan blev ännu mera uppskruvat mot slutet. Och det var ändå fem band på denna kväll så heja alla galna metalheads. Vet inte riktigt hur sent det blev men kanske 1? halv 2? I vilket fall så var det svinkul att se ANGREPP igen!! Känns som tusen år sen sist. Och lika så hade dom ex-medlemmar och gästfolk på scenen bla från band som MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL, ONDSKAPT & IXXI. Helt galet kul:)) Min första ANGREPP spelning var på Tanto när de spelade sitt tredje ever gig. Många bra band såg jag för första gången på Tanto, så en tyst minut för stället kunde vara i sin ordning. Årligen. Kanonkväll med så många underbara som jag inte sett på länge och bra folk överlag som sig bör på spelningar som denna. Avslutningsvis blev det kebaben på Gullmars med fru DJ Myrkheimr och sen nattbussen. Tack alla inblandade!!!
    Line up: Outlaw – Vocals Dawid Dahl – Guitar Karl Olsson – Guitar Titan – Bass Jakob Hallegren – Drums
    »Mera ANGREPP på extremmetal.se



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  • ANGREPP & FROST REIGN @ Luciferian Society 26/8 2011

    The underground lives on even if there´s no good venues for the moment in Sthlm. This L.S. event took place in a Boule & Tapas bar in the slaughterhouse area. Wasn´t really my night even though I met some ppl I really like. It all came to an end when some girl (bitch) broke the table I was sitting on and I got beer all over my clothes and the camera. I left. And missed both IXXI and LIFELOVER. Ohwell…shit happens. Anyway, all the respects & thanks to my friend Adrian for inviting me! The lights sucked, of course;)


  • Angrepp, Bloodbanner & Chainsaw – Sugar Bar 4/9 2010

    Annars så var Sugar Bar rätt ok som ställe (lite att anmärka hade jag nog…) men några livebilder i den bemärkelsen blir det nog inte där. Mera “så-här-gick-det-till”- bilder. Eller nått. Inte blev dom så många heller. Kom på att jag har nog aldrig lyckats ta några kvalitetsfoton på Angrepptillställningar. Dom blir alltid lite mera punk – på det lite sämre sättet (bilderna alltså;) . Jaja, det var kul ändå och bra drag på det 5kvm utrymmet:) Så tack som fan Adrian & alla andra inblandade:)


  • Angrepp releaseparty – Sugar Bar 4/9 2010

    ANGREPP hade släppfest för “Warfare” och förutom dom själva så lirade BLOODBANNER & CHAINSAW. Mycket folk och en massa roliga vänner & bekanta. Kommer att ha en hel del att göra under närmsta veckan så livebilderna kan dröja ett tag. Skickade upp några snapshots iaf…
    Tack för igår Adrian (och alla andra)!!:)


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  • Scourge + Angrepp & Vörgus – Kafé 44 31/1 2009

    Scourge was a totally new band for me…mostly I noticed the drummer, one mean mf…Have to give them another chance someday.
    Angrepp totally ruled!!! Now they really got it! Congrats, guys!!:)
    Vörgus NOT in green for the first time in history!!! What´s going on???
    They´ve signed on a french label and some hotshot from their recordcompany was even present at the gig. Hope he liked what he saw/heard;) The new material sounds great!





  • ANGREPP – Club Distortion october 16th 2008 [Anchor]

    Back to the real world again…GREAT Club Distortion night at Anchor yesterday!! I´ve seen both bands before (not so extremely long ago…) sharing stage at Tanto and this time they were even better! Angrepp got their shit totally under control from the start and it really was a blast! Sometimes I wish I had the talent to write some proper reviews!! But I can´t write that kind of stuff, so I don´t even try…But they were good! Don´t miss them next time!
    Got their CD from Adrian!! Thanks a lot!
    I had to use the flash quite a lot, and we don´t really co-operate yet…still, it got better later on.
    I have to RTFM…I know….


  • Angrepp + The Ugly + Vörgus + Månegarm – Tanto 30/3 2008

    A most enjoyable evening, thanx to ANGREPP who organized it all!I..m working on the pics and I will tell you when I..m done.A short summary: All over it was a great evening with lots of good music and nice, drunk people:)  Some more drunk than others (Don..t worry Findus. I won..t give you away;)). And of course, I wasn..t drunk at all as usual… Angrepp had some really good stuff going on! Just a few more gigs so they begin to feel more at home on the stage, and it will be great. I think this was their third gig or something? So someone, book the band already!!!! I sure will  go and see them again!


    The Ugly…what can I say? From the coolest intro ever and all the way to the bitter end…I just loved them!! I had the highest hopes for seeing The Ugly and I didn..t get a bit disappointed. They were so GREAT!!  I think saw dead people!!!


    Vörgus, my all time green favourites, were the next band on stage. Nenne seemed a bit tired at first, but the gig was of a really good Vörgus quality, and they did have to play In Metal We Trust twice before they were allowed to go off stage. I..m still in charge of the Officially Unofficial Vörgus Fanclub, so you can get your member cards from me!;)


    The last band, Månegarm, did completely tear down the house. People went nuts and sang along in every song they played. Really good show,  and a really good band.I left sometime in the middle of the show,  partly because it was waaaay after my bedtime but mainly because the folkmetal thing is really not my thing.  Too nice & friendly & happy;))Good gig, tho!!


    If you sometimes wonder why I..m always so terribly positive about all the gigs I..ve been to…well, It..s probably because I only (well…to 99, 9%) shoot gigs I really want to see and the bands are mostly as good as I expected.  And of course, to keep on getting on the guestlists;)
    See you at Facebreaker@Anchor and Demonical & Necrophobic at Tanto!!And maybe, if I..m still alive after shooting about 20 football teams on saturday, even at the Man Machine Industry releaseparty!!
    Over & out…have some pics to take care of…I..ll tell you when there..s something to see!