Blowsight & Sonic Syndicate

I´ve been really busy lately, so sorry for the non-existing updatings on this blog…
I´ve been (besides my dayjob as an editor & dictator on a youthmagazine) working on the Blowsight & Sonic Syndicatepics the last 2 weeks.
Both bands are doing amazingly well these days, so my plan to get on a extensive worldtour, as a disgustingly well-payed photographer,  is soon to become true…))


Tomorrow I will be ready with the last of the Sonicpromopics for Japan, and  on saturday the band will be back in Stockholm for some Laser-something, listeningparty, lots & lots of interviews and in the evening we all go out for dinner. Roland (one of the Sonicsingers) isn´t coming. He´s in Thailand partying on some beach…bastard!!!
But it will be fun! After dinner there´s going to be a party with drinking & dancing & stuff. I can´t drink & party around so much because I have a photoshoot in the morning, so I think I go home after been fed.


Sonic Syndicate

Robin, Sonic Syndicate

On sunday I take some promopics on Vörgus!! They´re  green, mean and I really really like these guys=)) So I do my best to get up in time…
Green is NOT our enemy!!!
Goodnight! Talk to you after the weekend. // Soile

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