Hellish Crossfire – – Thrash Over Tantogården 2/2 2008


I..m still happy for beeing there:) Never even heard of them before and now they..re on my absolute toplist!! Together with Destruction & Kreator. Germans surely can thrash!!! And I wish the H.C. will be back here soon!! Btw…the drummer had the most amazing hair…it seemed just to get bigger & bigger during the gig.

Too bad I missed the very end of the show when Tyrant of Nifelheim did his thing on the stage…well, he warned me earlier that it will happen, but every time i checked, he seemed to be quite happy headbanging away in the frontline. So I seriously thought it was it…and ran to the trainstation. I would have stayed a bit longer…
Anyway…now I..m done with all the pics.





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