Matenrou Opera & Versailles @ Klubben 30/3 2008

IMG_1410A couple of insanely spectacular Japanese bands at Klubben.  They were really  fun to  photograph  and  the lights were  amazingly good most of the time  (I think Micke had something to do with that;)).

The bad news (for me anyway) is that I can..t show any pics because  the albums got to be approved by the bands, or their tourmanager or whoever. So it can take awhile…and maybe they don..t like the pics at all? Who knows…
I can also show you my first autographs ever!! Linda Snøvit was at  the venue selling merch for the Japanese bands, so I hang out with her quite a lot while the bands played on.
Johan from Amon Amarth showed also up to hang out with Linda after being on a  football – something,  so I got them to write their autographs in my little book which I always been carrying with me for no reason.
Now I know what to do with it! I will start collecting  autographs!!
You can sell anything on Ebay….so all I have to do is to meet some famous people and I never go hungry again!!

» Matenrou Opera gallery


» Versailles gallery

Linda is traveling along with  Kamelot on their Europeantour a few weeks.  She..s taking with her  her trusty  tourgadgetbox with all kinds of…gadgets.  Notice the big friendly letters on the box.

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