Halloweenparty @ Kafé 44 1/11 2008

Halloweenparty at Kafé 44 yesterday…
Besides extrememetal i love psychobilly, horrorpunk and stuff like that. There´s not so much opportunities to visit that kind of gigs so I was really happy to go and see the legendary, undead Coffinshakers playing some kind of vampiredeathcountry.

Livegigs with The Coffinshakers are extremely rare, so I can´t thank my friend Pat enough for getting me in. Psychobillyband called Zombie Space Pirates opened. The lights were really beautiful, so I hope the pics are ok. I´ll take care of them soon…I met the lightguy outside when I was leaving and we talked a bit about lights & stuff. He told me it will be even better in near future.
Kafé 44 used to have the most beautiful lights for a small venue in whole Stockholm, but then something happened. Now it seems it will be the same again. I took a pic of the lightguy (Björn?) but that one´s on an other camera/memorycard. I fix it up later…
There were many fun-/beautiful-/scarylooking people around.

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