The Albums Pt.3


Now, It´s like this:
Before I already started to fill up again on the old system. Then I thought I couldn´t really trust the old Coppermine anymore…or anything with a database where absolutely everything crashes if something happens.
So i looked around for a new system and found it. So now on all the different albums/bands will be separated from each other, and if something happens with one album, it never affects anything else. One album at the time is quite easy to restore, so I think it will be great. It will take some time to fix up all albums, though…
This is the second time I´ve got trouble with since the start in 2005, but hopefully the last…at least the last big one.
You can see the progress in Live A-Z (uploaded albums are marked with –) & Bandlist A-Z. I try to get the bloglinks to work first, but I probably will be quite unorganized when uploading the albums:) I´m quite happy to find this new solution, because I´m not any expert in databases & shit…
Oh well…now it´s december and it will soon be Christmas. And The Ugly releaseparty!
Better times…

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