Uppdating “The Works”: F.K.Û promo/album shoot (early) 2009

Not much going on right now, so I can spend some time updating promoshoots & other stuff which I ever seem to find any time to fix with. The problem is that there´s always so many pics from the shoots so I got a hard time to pick the ones I like the most:) But I better to start somewhere and maybe fill it all up later… We did the F.K.Û. shoot in an old foundry (hope that´s the word?) which still were used for business. Loved the place, but every bit of my gear (btw the first time ever I tried out my mobile studio. Worked fine!) was covered with this black dust and it took like two weeks to clean it all up:) I really like the pics, think they were quite good. The guys are really fun to work with, so guess that also helped a lot;)Erika Niklasson did an amazing job with the “make-up”



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