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The new F.K.Û album was supposed to be released now in april…it won´t happen. We have to wait till august or something instead:( Still…their new recordcompany Metal On Metal upped a couple of the new promopics on their website for awhile ago. So I can show them for you…none of them are going to appear on the album. Just the really good ones are;) I´m still on my “springbreak”  so I haven´t planned in any gigs before the 10th of may. Still, I´m getting slightly (understatement) bored so maybe I have to get out soon…there are some gigs with friends (MMI, Vision & Nattas) this weekend and Satyricon & Degradead are playing at Klubben on tuesday.  We´ll see…
I really need my time off but maybe it´s enough already. I just need to get some inspiration…



A video from the legendary gig@Kafé 44 for about a year ago.  Film by Jenna Morphium

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