REV 16:8 Releaseparty – Pluto 2/10 2009

flyer_1200Never been to this Pluto venue before, but I think they´ve already hosted a lot of gigs to this date. Not so much metal, though. Not that I know anyway. REV 16:8 throwed a releaseparty for their latest album “Grand Tidal Rave” and special guests for the evening were Die Hard and Quad DMG (two guys playing black metal on guitar & drums. Strange but cool in some weird way.). I was kindly invited by Claes (REV´s manager) and I was really looking forward to this one.  Curious about REV 16:8…the material on their MySpace sounds really good! And I was going to see Die Hard again!

The backstage area was crowded, smoky and with free beer. I only had one as usual, but the gesture was enough, so thanx a lot Claes. You´re a generous guy!;)  The amazing leatherman Tommy was there and also did some shooting. He´s pics are already online on his facebook…I´m late as always. But here they go (the first ones):


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