Loud Park in Tokyo!!! [Makuhari Messe 18/10 2009]

flyerEarlier when my friend Takashi asked if he would buy us some tickets to the Loud Park festival, we said no. It was quite expensive, most of the bands play in Sweden all the time (except ROB ZOMBIE!!) and most of all, we thought we had far too little time to spend in Tokyo anyway, so a whole day on a festival…naaahhhh. Why we even discussed it, was mostly because we thought it would be so cool to go to a Japanese festival with a JAPANESE audience:) Then we thought it could be nicer to go to some small metalclub in Tokyo instead.

So…we didn´t buy the tickets and Takashi & Miho didn´t either, because they thought spending time with us was more important. And still they really wanted to go…
Anyway…It turned out that Kitty´s labelguys at Spiritual Beast kindly enough got us on the guestlist, so when Takashi & Miho Arrived to Tokyo on sunday we all went to Makuhari Messe in Chiba for the festival.
We had a great time!! It was really nice to meet everybody and see how things worked over there. Really cool!!!!! And I saw ROB ZOMBIE!!! He was soooo goood!! I didn´t get any good pics because I only took my small camera, but always something to see…I also got all these really really crappy videos. Have to take a good look at them first. Then I decide if there´s something to show you:)




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