COFFINS @ PRKL Club, Helsinki – Finland 12/5 2012

No sleep ´til HELLsinki. Wasn´t that sure if I was going to make it to Finland at all, but after the gig in Stockholm friday night, I stayed in the city, jumped on the first bus to the airport in the morning (3.45AM. Gaahhh) and just took off. Slept a few hours at my brother´s house and went to the club quite early. We had a few beers and waited for the Japanese guys to show up.
It was really happy to meet them again (ohh Ryooooo!!!) so the trip was worth all the pain and misery;) The gig was GREAT!! The crowd didn´t want to let them off the stage so after many extra songs they also played a couple of brand new ones from the upcoming album. The PRKL Club stage was small and very dark (I always say that? But it´s always true.), I didn´t bring my flash and I only stayed at one side of the stage. I also got some crappy vids and realized once more that it´s not a great idea to stay too close to the speakers when filming. Still I love the clips:)
Many thanks to the nice staff at PRKL Club and to my brother Jarmo and his gf Niina for having me!!
Hope it´s not going to take some 20 years again…;) Hoping to catch up with COFFINS in Tokyo later this year and heard there´s already plans for gathering some great bands in october:D

» Some misc. pics


And the videos (some high quality products from;))

Let´s daaaaance!!!!!

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