OZ – Getaway Rock Festival 6/7 2012

I worked for this festival the first two  years (as the official photographer) and loved it. It used to be a really nice one but now there was a totally different feel all over it (new owners, new order). Oh well…didn´t stay that long anyway. Had a really nice roadtrip with my friends in OZ and I didn´t go hungry or without coffee;))  Didn´t make it to the ISOLE gig, only heard the last tones when were carrying stuff to the dressing room.  That sucked, but I´ll get to see them in august instead:) The OZ gig was great fun as always!! A bit hard to shoot time to time, but I still loved the lights. Great crowd also:)) Met quite a many friends and other cool people in that short time at the festival and also got my new extreMMetal armband from Tommy @ Tom Leatherarts!! He does some great leatherwork so check out his pages!! Shot the whole gig so lots of pics:)



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