CANDLEMASS – “Ancient Dreams” Debaser Medis 28/12 2013

Candlemass-Ancient-DreamsCANDLEMASS third album “Ancient Dreams” turned 25 and I went to the b-day bash at Medis. With my mom, who came to town for the holidays. She was a bit anxious before the show, but enjoyed the whole thing a lot and also bought herself some merch. She also got to meet some of my awesome friends:)

The show was great!! Their earlier plans to have the whole thing filmed, didn´t work out and some other things didn´t go as planned but shit happens and it still was awesome!! The always so impressive Jörgen Sandström (Grave,Entombed,The Project Hate,Torture Division etc. Looking stunning in his new shirt!!;)) got on stage with very short notice and also the great Pepper Potemkin ( Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret / The Catastrophe Orchestra) appeared during “Solitude” in the end of the show. Dunno about that Torsten Flink guy, tho:) Great thanks to the CANDLEMASS guys for this awesome night!



01. Dark Reflections
02. Under The Oak
03. Prophet
04. Bewitched
05. Psalms For The Dead

“Ancient Dreams” set

06. Mirror Mirror
07. A Cry From The Crypt
08. Darkness In Paradise
09. Incarnation Of Evil
10. Bearer Of Pain
11. Ancient Dreams
12. The Bells Of Acheron
13. Epistle No. 81
14. Black Sabbath Medley


15. Black As Time
16. Solitude

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