VALKYRJA 10 years anniversary – 6/12 2014 En Arena


10009844_818261718230226_1657622052522551454_nGreat night with awesome performances!! VALKYRJA celebrated their first 10 years with FIDES INVERSA  (IT) and  ANTAEUS (FR). Lots of familiar faces in the crowd, nice vibes and I even got a present (more of that one later!:)  So: Happy Fukken Birthday to VALKYRJA, thanks for all the good stuff during the years and hope you will celebrate “Contamination 20 years“. Or something. And play the whole album!! Wouldn´t miss that one;)  Until then, support the guys so they will keep on going. There are still a couple of shows left for this year:
13.12 – HOL – Eindhoven Metal Meeting
27.12 – GER – Satan’s convention

Thanks to the guys and Oana for having me! And Samuel of course:))

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