UNDER THE CHURCH “Rabid Armageddon” Releaseparty – Kafé 44 28/11 2015

underthechurchGreat first gig with UNDER THE CHURCH And a great party in general:)) Lots of friends there and nice people I haven´t seen for awhile. I love the venue but it´s been ages since I went there the last time. Not so many metal gigs at 44:an these days:/

The album is awesome so go and get your copy at Pulverised: http://pulverised.bandcamp.com/album/rabid-armageddon. Also here: http://pulverised.bigcartel.com/ .
And because it´s proper oldschool, you can also get it on tape: http://hexedcemetery.eu/hexed-cemetery-releases-/262-under-the-church-rabid-armageddon-tape.html

UNDER THE CHURCH (Edsbyn Sweden/ Reykjavik Iceland) are:
Lars Henriksson Bass (ex- Nirvana 2002)
Erik Qvick Drums, Guitars (ex- Nirvana 2002)
Mik Annetts Vocals (ex- Hostile, ex-Odinn, ex- Bastard)
Live musicians:
Marcus Klack Guitars (Trash Amigos, ex- Morbid)
Erik Wallin Guitars (Merciless, Trash Amigos, Death Breath (live), ex- Nirvana 2002 (live), ex- Harms Way)

Had some great talks with Erik (the drummer, lives in Iceland) about Iceland, elves and picknicks at Dimmuborgir. I´ve been to Iceland once and always wanted to go back and now it seems I will end up there next year. For the elves, Dimmuborgir and some METAL!:))



»Some snapshots (MORE PICTURES)

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