DEGIAL – En Arena 20/5 2016

76962_176386812388583_2582339_nDEGIAL!!!! Pure Uppsala Metal of Death!! These guys are just GREAT and it´s been far too long since the last time (P.S.O.A 2015)!! The 27th of this month they will kick off the “Savage Mutiny Across Europe” tour together with VORUM. Check the tour dates on the bands Facebook page! Set (Teitan) joined them on stage (also guest vocals on the latest album) and lots of folks from other Uppsala bands were present of course:).



Got a gift from the guys! The latest CD is a KILLER!!!!


Savage Mutiny
released December 25, 2015
Music and lyrics by Degial, except “Pallor” lyrics by P. Åhman.
Guitar solo on “Revenants” & guest vocal on “Savage Mutiny” and “Revenants”: Set Teitan (Dissection/Watain)
Lyric contribution: Pelle Åhman (In Solitude/Invidious)
Recording and mixing: Gottfrid Åhman (In Solitude/Invidious/Degial)
Mastering: Patrick W. Engel (Temple of Disharmony)
Artwork/Layout: Erik Danielsson (Trident Arts/Watain)


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