FIRESPAWN– Kraken Sthlm 28/1 2017


FIRESPAWN destroyed!! It won´t be much heavier and more crushing than this! I even filmed one of the songs, but so far my small piece of shit cam won´t co-operate and let med download the clip. But I will eventually outsmart the bloody gadget:/ Found a clip made by max westman, tho, so I share that one for now.
The new album “The Reprobate” will be released in April!
[Live clip by max westman]

“The brainchild of Entombed AD bassist Victor Brandt and Necrophobic bassist Alex Friberg, this latest meeting of malevolent minds has conjured one of the most startling and impressive metal albums of 2015, Shadow Realms. A tour de force of pulverising but crafted death metal grandeur, it couldn’t be further away from all those archetypal half-arsed side-projects and sounds like the beginning of something genuinely exciting.”
Metalhammer Dec. 2015
Members: A. Impaler Victor Brandt LG Petrov Fredrik Folkare Matte Modin


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