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  • Merry Christmas!

    carnageIf you didn´t get any christmas gifts (or want some more) you can go and get your copy of  Christmas Carnage vol. 1 .
    It´s free for downloading at Indie Recordings MySpace http://se.myspace.com/indierecordings in good CD quality with all the artwork & stuff. The music is good too…Satyricon, Keep of Kalessin, Enslaved etc etc.
    This advertisement has NOT been payed by the recordcompany;)) Just liked the idea…and maybe next year we can get the vol II???
    I think it´s a cool way to promote the bands on the label.
    I´d like to get something like this from Pulverized:)
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  • Presents from Regain Rec.:))

    Got a package from Regain today with some stuff containing various bandpics I took for a while ago. A collection of Dismember and Nifelheim posters, CD:s and vinyls.
    I love the Nifelheim vinyl!! It looks great with the bigger photos . Even the quite crappy black & red livephoto from Hovet looks nice on the gatefold.
    *Do the happy dance – in trainig for thursday! Facebreaker@Anchor;))*