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  • Marionette + August Burns Red – Klubben 18th of october 2008

    Klubben for a couple of nights ago… Alexi from Marionettes management asked me if I could go and take some pics. I really liked Marionette live when I saw them last time at the same venue, so of course I did. I wasn´t so familiar with the headliners, August Burns Red from Pennsylvania.

    »More Marionettepics
    »More ABR pics

    Quite actionpacked hardcoremetal which I do like and I would have stayed a bit longer, but I just wanted to go home as soon as possible when I was done…
    I really didn´t like the attitude & the way things (and myself) were handled by the LN staff & quards. They really master the art of taking away any good and enthusiastic feeling you can possibly have when you arrive to the venue. I got tired, depressed and 100 years older (so now i would be…dead??!!) A friend of mine told me to write a hateblog…naahhh. Peace & Love…and all that?

    Talked to some nice people, though…Tintin, the Lord of the Lights, and the guys in the bar. And Calm-Daniel and his friend who got a chair thrown to his head at the pre-party…so he walked around bleeding. Hope he didn´t collapse or get some braindamages…

    And now to something completely different:
    I got my AC/DC ticket!!!! For the second concert, but still! I´m going to see Angus Young!