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  • BLINDED COLONY – Dead Generation Festival Köping 27/5 2006

    Karlshamn guys. Schuster, the vocalist, left the band a couple of years later and became pretty famous record producer Shellback »Wikipedia. Difficult to catch him in the pics because he was all over the place. In the same time.

    Festival Line up: Astral carneval (eskilstuna) Asylium (kolsva) Blinded colony (karlshamn)Blowsight (stockholm) By night (falkenberg) Calm (eskilstuna) Carnal forge (sala/västerås) Condemnatory (kungsör) Corporation 187 (linköping) Embers arise (eskilstuna) Enemy is us (uppsala) F.k.ü (uppsala) Godhate (västerås) Lack armè (trollhättan) Lamia antitheus (köping) Life eclipse (stockholm) Man machine industry (stockholm) Maramon (örebro) Ninnuam (katrineholm) Saw you drown (kristianstand) Seventribe (västerås) Soulbreach (arboga/västerås)Vemoth (lindesberg) Vilescar halmstad)