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  • Lackarmé & Calm – Pub Anchor 10/9 2006

    They rule and never let you down!!
    Great gig once again. The pics were´nt so great, though…My plan was just to leave my camera and just go over there and have some beers, see the bands and just relax. Well…I didn`t exactly follow the plan, so after the gig I went home sober and with a bunch of very bad pics. I had fun, though=))
    It seems that I got to do some serious shopping soon. The only lens i own that works at all on the really small and dark stages like the one at Anchor is my 50/1.8.  I need more wideangle!! It´s just so bloody expensive=( You can sponsor me anytime when you feel like it!! Just send me an e-mail and you get my account number…

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  • LACKARMÉ – Dead Generation Festival 26/5 2006

    Festival Line up: Astral carneval (eskilstuna) Asylium (kolsva) Blinded colony (karlshamn)Blowsight (stockholm) By night (falkenberg) Calm (eskilstuna) Carnal forge (sala/västerås)
    Condemnatory (kungsör) Corporation 187 (linköping) Embers arise (eskilstuna) Enemy is us (uppsala) F.k.ü (uppsala) Godhate (västerås) Lackarmè (trollhättan)
    Lamia antitheus (köping) Life eclipse (stockholm) Man machine industry (stockholm) Maramon (örebro) Ninnuam (katrineholm) Saw you drown (kristianstand) Seventribe (västerås)Soulbreach (arboga/västerås)Vemoth (lindesberg) Vilescar (halmstad)