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  • Odenwrath, Ninnuam & This Ending – The Cave 6/3 2010

    Odenwrath got really unfortunate and had problems with disappearing guitarsounds almost through the whole gig. Still, they seemed to be in quite a good mood and just mangled on. Have to give them lots of kudos for that:)  Hope I get a new chance to see them. Ninnuam were great!! They´ve changed parts of the line up since I saw them the last time (-06) but they were still as good as I remembered. Have to check out the newer material…sounded really good.
    I was really curious about This Ending after checking out their latest album on Spotify. I won´t even start bitching about the lights, but i can´t get the pics I´d like to  anymore and  I´m getting a bit tired of even trying to photograph at The Cave.  It used to really like the stage there. Anyway, I get a new chance with This Ending at the STHLM Thrashfest@Nalen in May!! Lots of great bands on the bill!!:) Can´t wait!!


  • NINNUAM – Dead Generation Festival 26-27/5 2006

    Festival Line up: Astral carneval (eskilstuna) Asylium (kolsva) Blinded colony (karlshamn)Blowsight (stockholm) By night (falkenberg) Calm (eskilstuna) Carnal forge (sala/västerås)
    Condemnatory (kungsör) Corporation 187 (linköping) Embers arise (eskilstuna) Enemy is us (uppsala) F.k.ü (uppsala) Godhate (västerås) Lack armè (trollhättan)
    Lamia antitheus (köping) Life eclipse (stockholm) Man machine industry (stockholm) Maramon (örebro) Ninnuam (katrineholm) Saw you drown (kristianstand) Seventribe (västerås)Soulbreach (arboga/västerås)Vemoth (lindesberg) Vilescar (halmstad)