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  • GOATESS rehearsals march 2015 (before recording the new album!)

    A week to go now!! My favourite guys are entering the recording studio to make the album No.2. Was invited to hang around a day at the rehearsals so I heard it all! And it´s going to be awesome:)) Had a very nice day in the best company. And I took some pics, of course.
    If you want to see them live, the next gigs are at Doomtown [Hässleholm] the 28th of March and the 24th of April at Undergången[Sthlm].



  • KING DIAMOND Rehearsals in Denmark July 2014

    I was supposed to hang out w the KD people in Tokyo late 2013 but because of typhoons & stuff happened, all their gear got stucked in a Chinese harbour and never made it to Japan. So last minute cancelled trip for them:/ I was already in Japan by that time so made the best of it (with typhoon and all;)) sightseeing all over Tokyo & Yokohama, meeting up w friends and going to some gigs. So quite good trip overall.

    Anyways I finally got to meet up with all of the KD people at the rehearsals for the Summer tour 2014. Kinda made up for Tokyo
    Some really nice days in Denmark, 2 rehearsals a day, fun company, truly professional crew and the most awesome venue rented for the rehearsals.
    In last minute there was the incident involving the former bass player and Pontus E. was asked to step in. He accepted, took the plane from Sweden the next day, rehearsed 14 songs within 24 hrs or so and played like he always been in the band. A hero!
    The coffin from the 80´s was tried out the first time since…the 80´s. This time Grandma was the one to be burned. She wasn´t too happy about it xD
    The first gig on the tour was in Stockholm and they did some European gigs & festivals before a tour in US later in the year.

  • Plåtning i Gävleskogarna + rep med Isobel & November 6/9 2010

    Och nu till någonting helt annat…
    Helt huxflux och med kort varsel drog jag iväg till Gävle för att rumla några timmar med min nya kärlek sen Getawayfestivalen. ISOBEL & NOVEMBER spelade i Gasklockan på fredagkvällen och fick mig att glömma bort att  jag skulle hinna till Meshuggah som skulle spela på utescenen. Orkar inte ens skriva alla superlativer jag kommer att tänka på, men det var en upplevelse. » Så här såg det ut då.
    Plåtningen var liiite annorlunda än det jag brukar göra men  hade en riktigt kul dag och fick ett sproilans nytt par Killnoiseproppar:) Visserligen modell “large” men allt går med lite våld. Efter skogshajken tog jag lite bilder i repan också, så fick lite livemusik på köpet (därför propparna). Dom delar förresten replokal med Gadget.
    (Reklam:) Gå & lyssna!! Och framförallt – gå & se vid första bästa!! Ny EP ute nästa vecka! Plattan Ghostwater Gospel finns på Spotify!

    Do the sucky Googletranslator;)) Photoshoot with the great ISOBEL & NOVEMBER far (well…kinda)  from Stockholm. Check the music & the links!! Really cool stuff! And a new EP is out next week!

    » More pics  from the  rehearsal studio