OVERTORTURE – Klubben 22/3 2013

OVERTORTURE Live for the first time!!
“Overtorture was formed in the second half of 2011 by Magnus Martinsson (lead guitar), Fredrik Widigs (drums), Joel Fornbrant (vocals) and Jonas Torndal (bass), known from bands like Grave, Coldworker, Demonical, The Ugly and Witchery. The group immediately sat out to unleash their own brand of heavy yet semi-melodic death metal upon the unsuspecting masses.”
Line up: Joel Fornbrant – Vocals (Coldworker, ex-Phobos), Magnus Martinsson – Guitar (ex-Bloodride, ex-Grave, ex-Insision), Andreas Hemmander – Guitar (Avenir, Bloodride), Joakim Antman- Bass (The Ugly,ex-Decadence), Fredrik Widigs – Drums (Demonical, The Ugly, Witchery (Live) etc.)



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