“Unleashed was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in November 1989, and sprang from the ashes of the pioneer Death Metal band Nihilist.
Unleashed, along with a few more bands founded what is today called the Swedish Death Metal scene. There has been very few lineup changes throughout the years and today the band consists of Johnny – Bass and Vocals Fredrik – Lead guitar Anders – Drums Tomas – Rhythm guitar.”
– Band bio unleashed.se



More UNLEASHED @ extremmetal.se

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NECROPHAGIA had to cancel and NIFELHEIM to the rescue. Definitely one of the best live bands ever!! Too bad Egge Disintegrator wasn´t there. I missed the guy, even though Axenrot (drummer in the band in the end of the 90´s. Later in Opeth, Bloodbath etc) did a great job.


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“Inget skrämmer människan till ett liv i träldom
Såsom frihetens kaotiska tillvaro”

One of the best bands I´ve “found” the past couple of years. I´ve said it before and I say it again! They freaking kick some serious ass!! The latest album “Temple of Phobos” was released in the summer of 2016, some Swedish shows I can find are in Malmö and Stockholm (April) and at Mörkaste Småland in september. All Hail!!

The first live clip below (by Alexander Karlsson) is from the beginning of the show with the photographers running around in the pit. Including me;).

Members: Albrektsson, Jonas – Bass Frisk, Mattias – Vocals, Guitar Johansson, Jimmy – Guitar, Vocals Westman, Mathias – Drums


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“All members of the band have been active within the scene for years and can be associated with bands such as Intestinal, Suicidal Seduction and Aktiv
First band the second day. Quite early in the afternoon and I missed the most of it. New band to me and just a few pics, but they sounded quite ok so have to check them out a bit more to have an opinion. Still, they are from Finspång. Home of many great bands;)
Members Daniel Persson, Terje Nevestveit, John Andersson, Erik Johansson.


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One of the true “supergroups”. All legends, all great.


Current members
Anders “Blakkheim” Nyström – guitars, backing vocals (1998–present)
Jonas Renkse – bass guitar, backing vocals (1998–present)
Martin “Axe” Axenrot – drums, percussion (2004–present)
Per “Sodomizer” Eriksson – guitars (2007–present)
“Old Nick” Holmes – vocals (2012–present)

Former members
Mikael Åkerfeldt – lead vocals (1998–2004, 2005–2012)
Peter Tägtgren – lead vocals (2004–2005)
Dan Swanö – drums, percussion (1998– 2004), guitars (2004–2006), backing vocals (1998–2006)

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Great show again by the Irishmen! Haven´t seen them for a couple of years now and no totally new recorded studio stuff since the last time at Blastfest, but they did release a live from the 2015 edition of Bang Your Head in Germany. Streaming here!


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The great Greeks!!! Always a great pleasure to see. And btw…the “Rituals” album is fantastic!!! (The cover to the left is from another favourite of mine)
From band bio: “ROTTING CHRIST after 20 years are still alive and more productive and refreshed than ever and with their activity the world can witness the Black Cult is still alive.”


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