NECROPHAGIA had to cancel and NIFELHEIM to the rescue. Definitely one of the best live bands ever!! Too bad Egge Disintegrator wasn´t there. I missed the guy, even though Axenrot (drummer in the band in the end of the 90´s. Later in Opeth, Bloodbath etc) did a great job.

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psoa16 The second of the P.S.O.A. bands which I had an “agreement” with. Long time friends, all time favourites with another super show and complete with the satanic hellfires signed by P.
Just that someone decided to cut the show off before the extra songs in the end and with still 7 mins of stage time. What was up with that? As far as I know, the P.S.O.A. crew don´t fuck up. It´s all about German quality and precision, so what the hell happened? When the band was coming back for the extras, the drums were already rolling out and stuff being unplugged. And me who (with awesome help from Majk, the official PSOA shooter. Great guy) climbed up in the sound tower to witness the end. Narrow ladder, very steep, very high. For me who´s genuinly afraid of hights, it was totally death defying so shut up!!
And without the last two songs, no bombastic ending in fire with P. finally burning down the whole thing. Ok, I can see the pros of it…:)
But even without the last two, it was an awesome gig! But as great as they are on the big open air stages, I can´t wait to see them at Black Harvest in October!



A few more on the Facebook page!
Thanks to everyone involved! Great festival and great times as usual:))

Still the best! Great show in Oslo and  good to see the guys again:) Disintegrator was on US tour with VALKYRJA and replaced by their former drummer Axenrot (BLOODBATH and OPETH)
Line up: Tyrant – Hellbutcher – Disintegrator – Savage Aggressor – Satamás

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1Ja jävlar! Tre absolut grymma spelningar på ett kanonställe, massor med bra folk och supertrevligt häng!!:)) Lite för lite öl (?) men det balanserades med nästan ingen sömn så var lagom sönder fram till söndagkväll. Fy fan vilken bra platta CUT UP har gjort!! Skaffa omedelbart!
Skriva recension får kritikerna göra men Stor tack till alla inblandade!! Speciellt värdbandet CUT UP för att dom är bäst och tyckte att det var ok att jag dök upp, Metal Club/Nöjesfabriken för att dom satte ihop detta fantastiska och mitt partysällskap Daniel för att (som alltid) vara hygglo sällskap och alltid tipsa om nya intressanta band som jag totalmissat (NP: Adolfz – Sola I Karlstad).





Awesome first day at the very first of (hopefully) many BLACK CHRISTMASS Festivals.  I know there´s no decision of  a new one, but one can only hope;))

Running order friday 19/12
Doors 15.00
Uada 15.30-16.00
Nefandus 16.20-16.50
Grave 17.20-18.05
Nifelheim 18.35-19.35
Entombed AD 20.05-21.05
Marduk [”Panzer Division Marduk”] 21.35-22.35
Morbid Angel 23.05-00.35


Some first pics. Full galleries soon!!

The best gig at the festival!! Everyone went crazy and even the photopit was packed by band folks from backstage and a couple of most die hard fans. Truly a show to remember and the new line-up is a killer!!:D Didn´t have that much lights to play with but here´s what ever I managed to getüssy-a-Go-Go


A last minute stage check before opening the gates. The big skulls had to go. [mobile phone. 3 pics slideshow]

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