WHITE DEATH – the fantastic spectacular weirdos from Lappeenranta, Finland!
Last time (2022, same festival) the vocalist was nailed to the cross (for real) and this time there was a lamb being butchered on stage during their set. Very spectacular, so parts of the most awesome setlist kinda got a bit lost in all the excitement and intestines. At some point there were flying bodyparts…and someone got hurt.
(there will probably be some more pictures in the gallery)


“The name White Death represents Winter, death, suffering and desolation. Forget about your trivial war story fantasies, they will be forgotten just like in every fallen civilization.”



[Live clip by Sautherom Mx. There are more but they are restricted and only viewed @ YouTube. Go and search.]




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– Vrithran interview w. Rauta during the Steelfest weekend
Latest album: “Iconoclast”. released @ Werwolf Records december 2023

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It was really cool to catch BARATHRUM on stage! 
Wasn´t exactly sure what to expect but enjoyed it a lot:) Great liveband.


Barathrum is a Finnish black-doom metal band, formed in 1990. The band’s name is Latin for pit or abyss. The first letters of their eight full-length albums spell “HEIL SOVA” – referring to the band’s frontman, Demonos Sova,  who is the only original member of the band. Their music is stylistically similar to early black metal acts such as Venom and Celtic Frost. Their lyrics deal with occult and religious themes.”
– Wikipage



[Live clips by GRONNENHELL Noncho Savov]




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Interview by Rauta (Tuska 2017)

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DIOCLETIAN from Auckland, New Zealand have been around for 20 years now.
All about apocalyptic stuff, war, violence & anti-religion. Very aggressive! Just great!


“Diocletian (244-311 CE) was a Roman emperor. The Diocletianic Persecution (or Great Persecution, 303-311 CE) was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.”
– E. Metallum

“Relentless earth shattering take-no-prisoners pulverization” – album review by NekkruEvul (EM 2020)


[Live clips by GRONNENHELL Tales From The Frontline ORGASMEDIA]




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SARKRISTA didn´t disappoint.


“SARKRISTA was founded in early 2011 by Exesor, Farbauti and Revenant. The goal was to create a new German satanic alliance against all trends that flood the German scene. After some small rehearsals and writing the first songs Vidar joined on bass. The band’s name “Sarkrista” comes from the German word “Sakristan” and the Latin word “Sacrista” which both mean “church-servant” (or “verger”). The name was chosen because all band members thought this would be the best name to represent the blasphemous and satanic message behind Sarkrista.”
– Immortal Frost Productions


[Live clips by GRONNENHELL Tales From The Frontline]




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First Nations, Native North-American folklore, Quebec history, Irish heritage says the all knowing E. Metallum.

The one man (Finian Patraic) project IFERNACH is from Quebec, Canada and have released 6 albums and a bunch of singles, ep´s, compilations & whatnots.


[Live clips by GRONNENHELL Tales From The Frontline ORGASMEDIA]




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Interview by Niklas Göransson @ Bardo Methodology (Sept 2020)


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THORNSPAWN, black metal from Texas,US since 1993.
The permanent members being drummer/vocalist Blackthorn and his wife Hella on bass. They make it work quite nicely with different live musicians depending where they happen to be playing.
This time at least one of the guitarists was from Finland, maybe both of them. Not sure.


“Thornspawn shall always have session guitarists. I don’t think I shall ever find or honestly care to find a permanent member, ever. I have set my ways, and I refuse compromises. Things work better with less people trying to dictate or manipulate what is one’s vision or art.
– Blackthorn about the matter in an interview for canadianassault.com (May 2023)


[Live clips by GRONNENHELL sarvi]





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– Current label: Werewolf Records


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Interesting band. From Finland, debut album released in 2019. The second one (latest) in May 2021.


It’s an old word of death or signs of death. There are old traditional stories of Finnish people who have seen people who have already died earlier. Like ghosts. But in those days they were called a marras and they predicted that someone is going to die. So maybe a sign of death is the best way to describe it. One has to remember that old Finnish words have plenty of different meanings so don’t get confused if you hear different versions. And by the way, that’s also one of the greatest advantages in the Finnish language; it’s not always what you say, but also how you say it. – Valgrinder in an interview for thisisblackmetal.com (2020?)


[Live clips by Dark Aeon Productions sarvi ORGASMEDIA]




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Never heard or saw them before but loved the stuff immediately:D
Slam/brutal death/goregrind from Finland since 1995. Couldn´t listen to it 24-7 but every now and then and especially live, I really like this kind of brutal shit.

“After many line-up changes and some live shows, the band split up around 1999. In 2001 the band returned for a split with Lymphatic Phlegm and after that called it quits again. However, Goregiastic Records offered them a record deal; the band accepted it and recorded their first full-length Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy.
Torsofuck played their last show in 2009 before splitting up a third time. Several years later two ex-members started a new group in 2017 named Torso. After years of consideration, Torsofuck officially reformed in autumn 2022.” – E. Metallum

[Live clip by GRONNENHELL]



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First band on stage on the last day. “Licht des Urteils” means “Light of the Judgment” in German, the guys are from Tampere, Finland and the band was formed in 2018. Unsigned/independent according to E. Metallum.
Again, lights/fog combo very hard to handle, so shitty pics:/


[Live clips ORGASMEDIA ]



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Last band for the most excellent Friday @ Steelfest 2024. Always amazed by how massive sound they produce on stage.
Still struggling a bit with the latest album (getting there) but in general everything they´ve done so far is flawless.
Very impressed by Arto S. for remembering all the lengthy song titles when discussing the band late at night. The songs I know by heart, not the titles, tho. But ofc, I mostly don´t remember peoples names either. The quality of the stuff is more important in both cases xD
Didn´t get any acceptable pictures of Incubus:/ Good thing that Tales From The Frontline is very drummer focused in his videos.


Quotes from an old Vice interview (around the release of  Obscure Verses For The Multiverse):


“So many people justify their beliefs as “true” only to realize that in the end we will not know what the correct path is. Therefore, I choose to continue to use the path of Satan as the symbolic path of the “force that opposes all forces.”


“Before writing the album I thought to myself that beyond the void of blackness and grandeur in our music that I want to transmit with Inquisition, I want to generate harmonics that can elevate the listener to heights of pleasure while entranced by the rituals of melody and rhythm creating for a vicious combination using these harmonics because there you can find the living soul of what makes a riff and song sound good, be it tonal or atonal”


[Live clips BryceTalksMetal GRONNENHELL Tales From The Frontline sarvi Hellsinkiconcerts]




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– Currently signed @ Agonia Records
Shop @ Agonia Records

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