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“Nordjevel was started in the unholy year of 2015 by Doedsadmiral. He had a talk with Widigs (Marduk) and then Nord about this project and decided to start making music together.” – Band bio, Osmosis Productions


Awesome gig! One of the performances I watched til the end and enjoyed the shit out of it all. It´s a bit hard to take the time if you are shooting all bands and there are 2 stages.  “3 first songs, no flash” as usual:) But this year I allowed myself to stay at quite a few gigs. And then run like an idiot to the other stage because the band there already started playing. All that excercise!

There were a bunch a Norwegian bands at the festival and I think that Doedsadmiral guested all of them at some point.  Last year he was at Steelfest with his other band DOEDSVANGR.

Also freaking great to see Broddesson (HILD, Funeral Mist, Marduk etc) on guitar. I met him earlier somewhere in the back area and he gave me some cool HILD stuff. Only one album (Valfreya) and some singles out so far and made as an one man project (everything by Broddesson) but with a great live line up they do gigs every now and then. Very nice and violent  black thrash. Haven´t seen yet but I will asap. The other Swedish guy in NORDJEVEL is the drummer Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellström who replaced  Widigs (Great drummer but not in any band these days. Focusing on other stuff.) some years ago.

Band: DezeptiCunt Bass Doedsadmiral Vocals Dominator Drums Broddesson Guitars

[Live clips below by Gronn Onland, Saatanan Aslakki & Tales From The Frontline. Check out their channels!]


Collected notes:
– Booking @ District 19  district-19.com/portfolio-item/nordjevel
RAUTA interviewed Doedsadmiral a month or so before Steelfest @Inferno: https://youtu.be/W6IVd4zeREg

Upcoming gigs in Sweden:

07-10-2023 Morkaste Smaland: Slaktmanad Hultsfred
04-11-2023 Stadsgårdsterminalen Stockholm



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I love Norway and many Norwegian bands, but TAAKE is definitely the most “Norway” to me. Epic (as always) show. Even with only one guitar. The second guitar ( Aindiachaí  or Sanrabb  ?) was on his way but got stuck somewhere for some stupid reason and couldn´t get to the festival:/ Gjermund is a hero and an awesome musician so in the end it all had the best possible outcome. Ofc they played Myr also. Banjo solos rule!:D
Pehr from ALFAHANNE appeared on stage again for one song:)
On stage @ Steelfest: Hoest Rune Nesse (drums) Gjermund Fredheim (guitar & banjo) V’gandr (bass)
[Live clips by TopiKoo, sams6s & Gronn Onland]


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“Every single element of Antimateria looks totally devoted to Atmospheric Black Metal in its purest meaning, even the production work, enough clean to let us tell each single instrument and yet sufficiently home-madeish to highlight the darkest vein of the arrangement”
Juno Bloodlust, 2016 review of “Valo Aikojen Takaa”

[Live clips by TopiKoo &  Extreme Metal Syndicate]


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VALKYRJA got booked kinda in the last minute because of a sudden free spot in the festival line up. Good to see them live again. First time I saw Linus (IXXI, SINIESTRO etc) on stage with them.
Janetta (merch & my roommate) actually took time off from the booth just to see the band:)
[Live clips by Gronn Onland, sams6s & Anna Bekker]


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Local guys from Hyvikää who obviously have played several times at Steelfest. Was looking for clips on Youtube but nothing yet from this years festival. But there is some previous ones to find.
Not really sure of the line up but Aki Klemm alias Grim666 has done all instruments since the start in 2011. Later addition for Tyrant (Niko Lindell) for vocals since 2016. Guess the rest of the guys are live musicians? Enlighten me if needed.


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ALFAHANNE – always the right choice. Been awhile since the last gig I saw with the guys and they still got it for sure. Awesome show.
Notes: Addition to the line up I remember is keyborards by Stefan Eriksson. They do often have guest vocalists and this time it was Spellgoth from HORNA.
Spellgoth has also appeared on one of their albums and so has many others, like Hoest (TAAKE) and V’gandr (HELHEIM), Dolk (KAMPFAR), Erlend Hjelvik (KVELERTAK), Nattfursth (SORHIN), David Lindh (YVONNE and BRODER DANIEL), Sanrabb (GEHENNA) and Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING). So you never really know who´s showing up on stage with them:)
Band: Pehr Skjoldhammer – Fredrik Sööberg – Niklas Åström – Jimmy Wiberg – Stefan Eriksson


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Best way to start a very tired 4th day was the awesome roast pig buffet (with Werwolf as DJ playing the upcoming SATANIC WARMASTER album for us) and then HELLBOOZER UNION. Somewhat different from the rest of the bands at Steelfest but lots of fun and actually a really good band. According to themselves they sound like “A vomit bursting out at sunday morning” :D In addition they also got the vocalist from the BURZUM cover/tribute band “IMPENETRABLE DARKNESS” running around with a bowl of blood. Completely naked.
Hard to find any clips but a bit from Steelfest 10 years ago.


A nice post-show picture wit some of the guys:) A short clip from the roast pig buffet below.

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“Osculum infame is the name of a witch’s supposed ritual greeting upon meeting with the Devil. The name means the ‘shameful kiss’ or ‘kiss of shame’, since it involved kissing the devil’s anus, his “other” mouth”Wiki

French black metal founded already 1993. Had no idea about them before but it was weird and fantastic!

Really good recordings also. They´ve made a bunch of demo´s, EP´s and some compilation but only 2 full length albums. The latest in 2015. Anyways, good stuff!


[Live clips by NorwegianBlackKvlt & Gronn Onland]



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