My third NIFELHEIM gig for this year at BLOD & SVÄRD 4 year party.

One of the very best bands we got and I love them dearly!!:) Just about everybody were there!! The venue was packed and I had a great time just watching the crowd go crazy.

The brave Ester squeezed herself into the front line, but I found myself a nice bench by the wall to stand on. And I stayed there:)
Great spot to take pics of the crowd!! Didn´t see Peter behind the drums from there, tho:/ Anyway, I loved the show!!



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Omg these guys are good!! Fantastic gig (didn´t expect any less;). I know I say that repeatedly, but can´t help it.

I only go to awesome gigs:) So waiting for the next album!! If you haven´t heard “Sleepers…”, check it out now!
Edvin Aftonfalk – Guitar (lead)/ Vocals, Robert Andersson – Guitar/ Vocals(lead), Dag Landin – Bass, Adam Lindmark – Drums


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Amazing gig!!
Had a really long day with a few hours photoshoot in Old Town and then I just got stuck at the venue since 5PM doing nothing. Still, I was taken good care of thanks to the Püssy a Go Go crew (the first time I met them) and all the others at Debaser, so I was really doing ok watching the soundchecks and having some good food and a couple of beers:) Bought a t-shirt and my first patch ever. Have to figure out where to do with those. Maybe on a bag or smthng…suggestions? Anyway, the evening was a great one, the venue packed with people and IN SOLITUDE were so good!! Didn´t take any pics of the cool & beautiful people, Just shot the concerts, but I had a fast “promoshoot” with the club owners. Some of those coming up as soon I finished some other stuff.

Last FM:
Püssy a Go Go:
Blod och Svärd:

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REVEAL from Uppsala, the town of a million great bands. A new band for me but an immediate success:) Weird, beautiful and intense liveshow…can´t describe it in another way. Found the album (Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth) on Spotify. Check it out so you know what I´m talking about.

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The fantastic last gig (for me) of 2011 with Trash Amigos & Krux. Lots of legendary musicians sharing the stage that night and it was just fukken awesome!!!:)) I think everybody knows about Krux, but you also need to check out the four Pedros in Trash Amigos!! Great show!!
As usual at Debaser, I got some trouble with the lights. Really dark and most of the lights were from behind. So high ISO:s and somewhat crappy pics. But never mind…had so much fun:)


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The main attraction for the evening which was all about Dr. LIVINGDEAD having a releaseparty for their self titled debut album.

A bunch of crazy mf:s all over the place (on and in front of the stage) so I found it  safest  to stay in the egde of the stage and not move about that much. Right in front of it wasn´t an option:) Total mayhem and chaos and crazy fun!!

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INTERMENT, my main band for the evening, with Martin & Johan from DEMONICAL. Time fukken flies because i realized it was like 2 years ago I saw the band at The Cave (R.I.P). GREAT gig!!
INTERMENT line up: Johan Jansson – Guitars/Vox / John Forsberg – Guitars / Martin Schulman – Bass / Kennet Englund – Drums
Session musicians: Torbjörn Brynedal – guitar / Pablo Magallanes – guitar / Perra Karlsson – drums


Went to Debaser mostly for INTERMENT. I do like hardcore, but really I don´t know that much about it. I´d seen Dr. Livingdead once before and knew that they´ll do a great show. Anyway, the band GUILTY I didn´t know shit about. But ohhh they were GOOD!! Really loved the gig and hope seeing them again! Some technical problems, tho… Of course, being @ Debaser, the lights were really difficult. So the pics are what they are:))

Fan vad jag ligger efter nu i mina uppdateringar…:) SCAR SYMMETRY var sista bandet för Paranoidkvällen och dimman låg tät på scenen. Som ofta på Debaser ju senare det blir. Fast man märker det först när man ska gå igenom bilderna,
Bra spelning och det var kul att se dom igen! Fast ALLA vet vilken är Robbans riktiga band (hint) ;)) Anyways så var det en extremt trevlig kväll!:) Tack till alla inblandade!


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Sakta men säkert…

All time favoriten VICIOUS ART såg jag för så länge sen sist att jag hade nästan glömt bort hur sablans bra liveband dom är!! Fantastisk spelning!! Och Tobbe var långhårig utan mössa!! Cool kille!!:) Har alltid länkat till bandens Myspejsar men börjar bli lite tveksam eftersom det stället håller på att gå käpprätt åt h-e. Så tar väl och varvar lite…


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