VICIOUS ART is no more. The farewell gig was a worthy finale of the band´s career. Crazy as ever and heavy as hell:) Just counted and since 2006 I´ve seen V.A. seven times and every time they did a great show. “Death metal with a twist” for sure:) You´re going to be missed!!

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Sakta men säkert…

All time favoriten VICIOUS ART såg jag för så länge sen sist att jag hade nästan glömt bort hur sablans bra liveband dom är!! Fantastisk spelning!! Och Tobbe var långhårig utan mössa!! Cool kille!!:) Har alltid länkat till bandens Myspejsar men börjar bli lite tveksam eftersom det stället håller på att gå käpprätt åt h-e. Så tar väl och varvar lite…


>>MORE (live clips etc)

It´s been awhile (think I saw them last time at Tanto??) but now they were back and as good as ever. A Vicious Art gig you can only leave as a happy idiot:) They make you that way every time. You can´t help it.  And they deserved much more mayhem & mosh in the audience, but the alcoholrestrictions (new rules, only 2 beernights/month at Kafé 44 from now on) at the venue, made people feel a bit off I think. Anyway, this gig also made my extrememetalloving friend Eeva finally drag herself to a gig! Her son in law to be is in the band. Hope this wasn´t the last time for her…?;)



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Pics from Grave releaseparty for their latest album  “As Rapture Comes” with supporting acts Vicious Art  and Maze of Torment are now uploaded. Also got some cool industrial news from our friend Bergman (H.T.M.D & man.machine.industry).  He´s got some new stuff going on. As always;-))
On friday we are off to Gates of Metal!! See you there!!