I love to shoot Mr. DEATH gigs. Difficult as hell because of the dim lights, preferrably directed from behind the band. Works well with the image ´cos the guys look like they´ve been recently unearthed. Consequently I always end up with a bunch of weird pics and I just love them:) Needless to say that the gig was amazing. I told you, only great bands this evening!


Mr. Death på Debaser. Fantastisk spelning (som alltid!), ganska mörkt men sketasnyggt på scen med riktigt effektfulla ljus (mest i bakgrunden) och tjockt med rök. Så Tintin ska ha creds för det;) Funkade kanon med spelningen, lite sämre med min kamera men fick ändå en del som jag tyckte blev ganska coola. Tog några bilder på bandet utanför under bron men kollar på dom sen.

Edit 30/5:» Några bonusbilder

» Några bonusbilder

Every now & then I got some new cool stuff from my old & new friends, so here´s the latest…

This tasty piece of art is the new Vörgus t-shirt with my photo on it (the same one as on the album cover).
Glad they still keep the green in their logo:) No green shirts on the stage anymore, though…
Thanx  a lot  guys (Nenne also gave me a free beer;))!!!  http://www.myspace.com/vorgus

Met these guys from Gothenburg for the first time ever at the RIFS Fest.  Really good gig and they also gave me their CD.  Now they promised to buy me a beer when they come back. Looking forward to that!;) http://www.myspace.com/chronictormentsweden

Mr. Death released their new CD for a couple a weeks ago and they gave me a copy!  They used some of my livepics on the backcover:) Great CD, btw! http://www.myspace.com/misterdeathsweden

Evening of mayhem & destruction@ Kafé 44 a.k.a Fun with Soph & Pet.
Also first night of two of the RIFS Fest. Bands for the evening were Chronic Torment (GOOD gig!), Morbus Chron (didn´t see them because we went to Bröderna Olssons and stayed too long…everybody told me they were just great so I have to see them someplace), Maim (REALLY good!!!) and Mr. Death (ahhh….GREAT, you know….as always).

Here´s all the crap with the loved ones (both nights!)…the livepics are coming up soon….


Saturday, Halloween weekend, great bands and a sold out evening at Kafé 44. Lots of fun (and ever so drunk;)) people, but as always I only took a few pics besides the live ones. Which, by the way, are coming up very soon! Bands on stage were Insision, Mr. Death (also releaseparty for “Detached From Life”) and Torture Division.  ♥  Club Distortion / Sophie & Peter forever ♥


Club Distortion did it again! And I love them forever!
After visiting some lightmetal concerts with real (and lots of) lights on stage, ear friendly tunes and all the normal people in the audience, I was back to where I belong. In the dark and evil places. The first of two great C.D. nights took place at Pub Anchor on thursdaynight with Mr. Death and the legendary Desultory. Fierce and intense as hell! Extremely enjoyable…

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