Stuff I got lately [from Vörgus, Chronic Torment & Mr. Death]

Every now & then I got some new cool stuff from my old & new friends, so here´s the latest…

This tasty piece of art is the new Vörgus t-shirt with my photo on it (the same one as on the album cover).
Glad they still keep the green in their logo:) No green shirts on the stage anymore, though…
Thanx  a lot  guys (Nenne also gave me a free beer;))!!!

Met these guys from Gothenburg for the first time ever at the RIFS Fest.  Really good gig and they also gave me their CD.  Now they promised to buy me a beer when they come back. Looking forward to that!;)

Mr. Death released their new CD for a couple a weeks ago and they gave me a copy!  They used some of my livepics on the backcover:) Great CD, btw!

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