Every now & then I got some new cool stuff from my old & new friends, so here´s the latest…

This tasty piece of art is the new Vörgus t-shirt with my photo on it (the same one as on the album cover).
Glad they still keep the green in their logo:) No green shirts on the stage anymore, though…
Thanx  a lot  guys (Nenne also gave me a free beer;))!!!  http://www.myspace.com/vorgus

Met these guys from Gothenburg for the first time ever at the RIFS Fest.  Really good gig and they also gave me their CD.  Now they promised to buy me a beer when they come back. Looking forward to that!;) http://www.myspace.com/chronictormentsweden

Mr. Death released their new CD for a couple a weeks ago and they gave me a copy!  They used some of my livepics on the backcover:) Great CD, btw! http://www.myspace.com/misterdeathsweden

Scourge was a totally new band for me…mostly I noticed the drummer, one mean mf…Have to give them another chance someday.
Angrepp totally ruled!!! Now they really got it! Congrats, guys!!:)
Vörgus NOT in green for the first time in history!!! What´s going on???
They´ve signed on a french label and some hotshot from their recordcompany was even present at the gig. Hope he liked what he saw/heard;) The new material sounds great!





Yesterday at Tantogården… (Thanks Adrian for inviting me!;)
Vörgus I already knew, but the rest of the bands were new acquaintances. I think most of the pics are in the albums now…


First concert for me for a while, but now there will be quite a lot of them. I have to buy me that headlamp I planned…

A most enjoyable evening, thanx to ANGREPP who organized it all!I..m working on the pics and I will tell you when I..m done.A short summary: All over it was a great evening with lots of good music and nice, drunk people:)  Some more drunk than others (Don..t worry Findus. I won..t give you away;)). And of course, I wasn..t drunk at all as usual… Angrepp had some really good stuff going on! Just a few more gigs so they begin to feel more at home on the stage, and it will be great. I think this was their third gig or something? So someone, book the band already!!!! I sure will  go and see them again!


The Ugly...what can I say? From the coolest intro ever and all the way to the bitter end…I just loved them!! I had the highest hopes for seeing The Ugly and I didn..t get a bit disappointed. They were so GREAT!!  I think saw dead people!!!


Vörgus, my all time green favourites, were the next band on stage. Nenne seemed a bit tired at first, but the gig was of a really good Vörgus quality, and they did have to play In Metal We Trust twice before they were allowed to go off stage. I..m still in charge of the Officially Unofficial Vörgus Fanclub, so you can get your member cards from me!;)


The last band, Månegarm, did completely tear down the house. People went nuts and sang along in every song they played. Really good show,  and a really good band.I left sometime in the middle of the show,  partly because it was waaaay after my bedtime but mainly because the folkmetal thing is really not my thing.  Too nice & friendly & happy;))Good gig, tho!!


If you sometimes wonder why I..m always so terribly positive about all the gigs I..ve been to…well, It..s probably because I only (well…to 99, 9%) shoot gigs I really want to see and the bands are mostly as good as I expected.  And of course, to keep on getting on the guestlists;)
See you at Facebreaker@Anchor and Demonical & Necrophobic at Tanto!!And maybe, if I..m still alive after shooting about 20 football teams on saturday, even at the Man Machine Industry releaseparty!!
Over & out…have some pics to take care of…I..ll tell you when there..s something to see!


The greenest, meanest thrashband the mankind ever known!!
They were late, the singer suffered from a serious hangover after partying to 6 in the morning and they got tons of bones, skulls, chains, bullets and all kinds of HeavyMetal-funstuff in a bag when they arrived (at last) to the studio.
It was really fun, though=) And I´m still the Presi of the Officially Extremely Unofficial Vörgus Fanclub. My friend Anders is the Dent…

I think we did good;))
Have to take care of the rest of the pics, too.
I´ve got a bunch of them just laying around…

P.S. Vörgus are playing somewhere in Farsta the 17:th of march!!

Kafé 44 used to have the most beautiful lights on stage, but now they seem to be gone forever =(  It still is a very nice place, though=)
I got some pics on Vörgus & InFuneral uploaded in extreMMetal gallery.

GALLERIES: Vörgus / Decadence / InFuneral

Decadence gallery

InFuneral Gallery


…a few more Chthonic pics, too!!!