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  • Photoshoot: Valley of The Dead – September 2008

    The guys from Valley of The Dead, formerly known as Gus of Sweden, came to Stockholm and the studio today. Check the line-up: Gus – vocals (Defleshed), Ron – bass (Enemy Is Us, 21st Impact), Pete – guitar (FKÜ, Lost Souls), Lars – guitar (Defleshed), EB – drums (Deviant).Don´t miss them live the 7th of November at Club Distortion@Tantogården!! And it´s just getting better: Facebreaker and Vicious Art are the other 2 bands that evening!!!! 5 hours and a couple of hundred pics… I´ll start to sort them out tomorrow (today, really). Now it´s wayyyyyy past my bedtime. I think there are some good stuff, tho…

    » Some more pics
    » Photos [The Works]

    Ronnie Nyman Bass
    See also: Nightrage, ex-Enemy Is Us, Always War, ex-Detained, ex-Forcefeed
    EB Drums
    See also: Deviant, Always War, ex-S:t Erik, ex-Inception
    Peter Lans Guitars
    See also: F.K.Ü., ex-Cardiac Arrest, ex-Inrage, ex-Lost Souls, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live)
    Lars Löfven Guitars
    See also: Defleshed, ex-Sportlov, ex-The Moaning (live), ex-Convulsion, ex-Morteferum, ex-The Duskfall (live)
    Gustaf Jorde Vocals
    See also: Defleshed, ex-Evocation, ex-Crematorium, ex-Raubtier

  • Spazmosity promo shoot April 2008

    Yesterday was really too nice and warm for spending the whole day in the studio…the first  spring-like day in  a long time. But I didn`t mind so much. Somehow I always enjoy spending e few hours with a bunch of evil men covered in blood;) And we got  some awesome pics!!
    And then we spent quite a while scrubbing the floors…there was blood like everywhere:) And it was the real stuff, too. But the Spaz guys helped me out, so  I think it looks ok now. 
    Micke J. will be shooting some pics in the studio this morning, so I think he will tell me if he found something funny we left behind…
    He will also bring a brand new coffeemaker to the studio today!!! Wiieeeeee!! At last!!


  • Nattas x 2 + Maze o Torment – Pub Anchor 3/5 2007

    Workwork as usually, but here´s some photonews:
    Tuesday (1st of May): photosession with Nattas. Hours and hours (well…we also spent some time at McDonalds:)) of hard work and about 2-300 pics. Lots of fun, though=))

    Thursday (3rd of May): Maze of Torment & Nattas at Anchor.
    It was so nice to see Sophie again and see the bands. It´s quite hard to take pics at Anchor. It´s very small and I always have to use my 50/1.8. I like more wideangle…
    Here´s some:

    » Nattas

    »Maze of Torment

  • Vörgus photo shoot March 2007


    The greenest, meanest thrashband the mankind ever known!!
    They were late, the singer suffered from a serious hangover after partying to 6 in the morning and they got tons of bones, skulls, chains, bullets and all kinds of HeavyMetal-funstuff in a bag when they arrived (at last) to the studio.
    It was really fun, though=) And I´m still the Presi of the Officially Extremely Unofficial Vörgus Fanclub. My friend Anders is the Dent…

    I think we did good;))
    Have to take care of the rest of the pics, too.
    I´ve got a bunch of them just laying around…

    P.S. Vörgus are playing somewhere in Farsta the 17:th of march!!

  • Maze of Torment – “Hidden Cruelty” photo shoot 2007

    With the talented mr. Krauze as our Actor, me and Erik Tormentor went down to the studio for shooting some pics for the new Maze of Torment album. Kola Krauze is a real deal and have performed at places like Dramaten (THE theater in Stockholm) and such. It was a real pleasure to work with him, so I also took some pics just because. The gun was almost real…you just couldn´t shoot with it;)




  • Deca in The Studio!

    Finally I have tried out the new studio!! My friends in Decadence were kind enough to be my guinea pigs=) It´s gonna take som time to fully understand how everything works with the flashes and other gadgets, but I think we did quite well=)))
    So, if you need some studiopics, ask me!!

    Thanks guys for making my day. It was really fun=))))
    See you //Soile