The guys from Valley of The Dead, formerly known as Gus of Sweden, came to Stockholm and the studio today. Check the line-up: Gus – vocals (Defleshed), Ron – bass (Enemy Is Us, 21st Impact), Pete – guitar (FKÜ, Lost Souls), Lars – guitar (Defleshed), EB – drums (Deviant).Don´t miss them live the 7th of November at Club Distortion@Tantogården!! And it´s just getting better: Facebreaker and Vicious Art are the other 2 bands that evening!!!! 5 hours and a couple of hundred pics… I´ll start to sort them out tomorrow (today, really). Now it´s wayyyyyy past my bedtime. I think there are some good stuff, tho…

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Ronnie Nyman Bass
See also: Nightrage, ex-Enemy Is Us, Always War, ex-Detained, ex-Forcefeed
EB Drums
See also: Deviant, Always War, ex-S:t Erik, ex-Inception
Peter Lans Guitars
See also: F.K.Ü., ex-Cardiac Arrest, ex-Inrage, ex-Lost Souls, ex-Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (live)
Lars Löfven Guitars
See also: Defleshed, ex-Sportlov, ex-The Moaning (live), ex-Convulsion, ex-Morteferum, ex-The Duskfall (live)
Gustaf Jorde Vocals
See also: Defleshed, ex-Evocation, ex-Crematorium, ex-Raubtier