Life goes on after the Death Feast and the evening after I went to Nalen and a Püssy A Go Go event. Not the most crazy and chaotic ANTICHRIST gig I´ve seen (don´t think anything can ever beat the ANTICHRIST/DEATHHAMMER evening @ Nalen Klubb), but great enough to make me very happy:) One of the greatest live bands on this earth!!

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Woooaaaahhhh what a great gig!!! I thought they were awesome at the Sweden Rock Festival last summer but this was even better!! The first gig ever in Stockholm! And for once, not that much blue/green lights:))
Current line-up: Dave Chandler – lead guitar, Mark Adams – bass, Scott “Wino” Weinrich – lead vocals, Henry Vasquez – drums, percussion

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“Mos Generator are a power trio from Silverdale, WA, who are devoted to reviving the classic rock sounds of the 1970s and who consist of Northwest music scene veterans Tony Reed (vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer; ex-Treepeople), Scooter Haslip (bass; ex-Voodoo Gearshift), and Shawn Johnson (drums; ex-Mind Funk).”

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Lots of bad luck (with equipment, sound etc) kinda fucked up their show;(  No blaming on the H.C. guys or P.A.G.G. Stuff just went wrong. I´ve only seen them once back in -08 and they´re  one of the top thrashbands in the world and a BRILLIANT liveband!! So I was very much looking forward to this one. The guys didn´t seem that happy either afterwards, but I hope it doesn´t take that long ´til the next time. Time to time it went well, tho. Stuff worked and the crowd seemed to be quite happy anyway through the whole gig. Bless the supporters:))


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Friends, hunks, hooligans…gotta love them:) Good show and the first for this evening. Bad, bad drummerpics, tho;( Did some fast editing, so I maybe found at least a couple ok pics on Perra later.
DIE HARD line up after some earlier turbulence: Harry – vocals, bass, Simon (also Ondskapt, Valkyrja etc) – guitar, vocals, Perra (Nominon etc) -drums


Edit 2012-11-27 15:40: Added Supercoven from Nalen (by hauptling14). Check below. The clip doesn´t pick up the vocals very well, but Liz is crushing it!!!

The most excellent Lisa & Alexandra at Püssy A Go Go did it again and gave us ELECTRIC WIZARD. My review of the gig would be WOW!! It was all that and some more!!:)

Electric Wizard – Supercoven Nalen Sweden 12-10-27

A later addition by cthulol