ANTICHRIST❤! Ska inte dra upp ANTICHRIST/DEATHHAMMER giget i Nalens källare (10 år sen nu. Never forget!!) MEN det var faktiskt ett av mina Topp 10 livegigs EVER och kommer alltid att vara den jag jämför med:)) Oundvikligt…men likförbannat är dom bland det finaste man kan uppleva live. Och på platta. Lineupen har hållit sig så gott som intakt också.
Noteringar: Adam Åden fattades i front row och Sven har skippat glasögonen:/ Ny logga.
Band: Sven Nilsson Drums Filip Runesson Guitars Steken Vocals Gabriel Forslund Guitars Gobbe Henningsson Bass
Macken Fest 2022

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First out: ANTICHRIST! if you don´t know, you have missed something out for sure. Go find!

BAND: Gabbe – Guitar Steken – Vocals Filip – Guitar Sven – Battery Gobbe – Bass

Life goes on after the Death Feast and the evening after I went to Nalen and a Püssy A Go Go event. Not the most crazy and chaotic ANTICHRIST gig I´ve seen (don´t think anything can ever beat the ANTICHRIST/DEATHHAMMER evening @ Nalen Klubb), but great enough to make me very happy:) One of the greatest live bands on this earth!!

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One of my (quite many:p) reasons for living…ANTICHRIST!! This is a fukken great band!! And they kill live!! Not the very best live experience I´ve seen with the band, maybe because I´m used to a far more crazy crowd…The band did great, tho and are still one of the BEST bands out there!!

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ANTICHRIST!!  One of the very finest we got here in Sweden:) The last gig for the evening and the crowd went  crazy as always. Met my friend Adam before the gig and he was still suffering from the last time he saw the band some weeks back. He was pretty convinced he was about to die on this one.  I´ve seen him go crazy at an ANTICHRIST gig  (I wish I could show you the vid some guy from London filmed@ the Püssy a Go Go event in Stockholm but it can´t be linked here) , so I thought I´d better say the last goodbyes:) He survived, obviously.  Thrash fans don´t break that easily:))
The stage was most of the time covered in thick smoke so didn´t get that many pics. Planning to see them many more times, tho:)
Line Up: Gobbe Henningsson Bass, Sven Nilsson Drums, Gabriel Forslund Guitars, Filip Runesson Guitars, Steken Vocals

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AWESOME AWESOME (I could easily add many more AWESOME´s;)) night!!!:D


First I had the most wonderful time having dinner with my friends Johanna & Hasse and I´m still not back to my senses after the DEATHHAMMER/ANTICHRIST gigs later in the evening. It was that “no mercy, no survivors” kind of an event which keeps you braindead and indefinably happy for weeks. Can´t wait to see both bands again.


Escaped the craziness in the front and took all the pics from a corner on the (very small) stage, so there´s not that wide variety of angles. Loved every second of it, got lots of beer on my camera, rescued some front row guys eyeglasses (not that convenient when headbanging like a maniac) and had to use really high ISO´s so the pics are both messy and dirty. At some point in the end of the show a guy (we can call him “Adam”) snatched the fire extinguisher and got kicked out by the security:)) Greatest thanks to the awesome ladies@Püssy a Go Go!! And I´ll get back to you soon with the DEATHHAMMER pics!