THE RODS – Sweden Rock Festival 7/6 2014

DIO´s cousin and former member of ELF on stage with his band. Tyrant from NIFELHEIM – one of the mest dedicated fans in the front row:) Shitloads of people!! I was amazed.

Wiki: “The Rods are an American heavy metal band formed in 1978 by David “Rock” Feinstein (guitar and vocals), Steven Starmer ([bass guitar] and vocals), who was later replaced by Garry Bordonaro (bass and vocals) after the first two albums, and Carl Canedy (drumsand vocals). Feinstein had first come to mainstream attention after playing in Elf, with his cousin Ronnie James Dio. The Rods sound differed considerably from Elf, adopting a more traditional heavy metal sound compared with the blues-rock sound that Elf preferred.”


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