GRÁ – En Arena 9/4 2016

ixxiThis is how to do it! Freaking intense!! Heljarmaðr letting go of the guitar and just go berserk all over the stage. Grim Vindkall (DOMGÅRD etc, live bass) and M (SPAZMOSITY, live guitar) are such perfect additions to the band, so now we finally got a proper display of what an awesome band GRÀ really is! Although Heljarmaðr is keeping busy as the vocalist in DARK FUNERAL, these guys should really go for a proper tour. Soon! Book them!! Hangman´s nooses for everyone!!!;)) The crowd were also everything you could wish for, so it was really THE Grande Finale for this fantastic event. Thanks to all the bands, Adrian @ LS and the Myrheimr´s!
Tried to collect the setlist on Spotify but didn´t find “Klagan och längtan”. So I smoothly replaced it with “Farväl”, my all time favourite;) Works for me. You find it somewhere below.
Members: Heljarmaðr – vocals and strings Dimman – drums Maugrim – strings Grim Vindkall – session bass M – session guitar
Lyrical themes: “The dark aspects of ancient Scandinavian spirituality”



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