I don´t listen to all my music on Spotify but lots of it (also the ones I´ve got as physical copies) because most of the stuff I do is computer based so I´m kinda stuck with it most parts of the day. Then the endless online playlists become really convenient:))
I´ve got some playlists above all which I´m listening to for about 90% of the time and I can share them with you also:) But this is obviously the Top 101 (not in a specific order) from the last years. 9 ½ hours pure joy (almost xD) GRÁ and ARCHGOAT being the top artists. Enjoy!:))

Here you go:

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ixxiThis is how to do it! Freaking intense!! Heljarmaðr letting go of the guitar and just go berserk all over the stage. Grim Vindkall (DOMGÅRD etc, live bass) and M (SPAZMOSITY, live guitar) are such perfect additions to the band, so now we  got a proper display of what an awesome band GRÀ really is! Although Heljarmaðr is keeping busy as the vocalist in DARK FUNERAL, these guys should really go for a proper tour. Soon! Book them!! Hangman´s nooses for everyone!!!;)) The crowd were also everything you could wish for, so it was really THE Grande Finale for this fantastic event. Thanks to all the bands, Adrian @ LS and the Myrkheimr´s!
Tried to collect the setlist on Spotify but didn´t find “Klagan och längtan”. So I smoothly replaced it with “Farväl”, my all time favourite;) Works for me. You find it somewhere below.
Members: Heljarmaðr – vocals and strings Dimman – drums Maugrim – strings Grim Vindkall – session bass M – session guitar
Lyrical themes: “The dark aspects of ancient Scandinavian spirituality”



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[Edit -22: bravewords.com December 29, 2005
Swedish black metallers DISSECTION have announced that the final Scandinavian show, “A Farewell To The Old Albums”, in Stockholm, Sweden at Kolingsborg – The Shrine on December 30th is now sold out. A posting on their website reads as follows: “We are honoured to see the overwhelming interest for this special event and we look forward to celebrating the end of the old era with you all in the name of Death!”]


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