My 101 most played songs @ Spotify in 2016. And other playlists.

I don´t listen to all my music on Spotify but lots of it (also the ones I´ve got as physical copies) because most of the stuff I do is computer based so I´m kinda stuck with it most parts of the day. Then the endless online playlists become really convenient:))
I´ve got some playlists above all which I´m listening to for about 90% of the time and I can share them with you also:) But this is obviously the Top 101 (not in a specific order) from the last years. 9 ½ hours pure joy (almost xD) GRÁ and ARCHGOAT being the top artists. Enjoy!:))

Here you go:

:: EXTREMMETAL.SE :: [464 songs, 41 ½ hrs]

:: SVART :: [2374 songs, 216 ½ hrs]

:: Oldschool Swe :: [325 songs, 22 ½ hrs]

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