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So next up will be the full galleries. Got some other galleries to finish first. Everything in (kind of…) order. Will take awhile:))
[Steelfest “Aftermovie” by Gronn Onland (check out his YouTube channel for more stuff!!!]

Anyways…my second Steelfest was pure awesomeness once again. For many, many reasons but most important ones: Great bands, great gigs, no nonsens @ good company.
Hugest thanks to Jani Steelfest, all the staff – especially my brightly shining coffee lady & pickle queen Johanna S., my flatmates (well…need to have a place to stay next year also. Need to play nice;)), everyone I met old & new friends & acquaintances. Aaaaaaaand the weather!!:D
If you for some reason have missed it for this long, the next dates are set: 16 to 18th of May 2024. All bands still TBA but expect nothing else than a perfect fest.

Hope you made it to this years fest but the dates are set for next year so you´ll get a new chance xD
6 reasons why you should go to Steelfest 2023

Upcoming galleries from Steelfest:


>>MORE (live clips etc)

Nån gång i juli blev jag kontaktad av Volbeats management ang en gammal promobild jag tog på första plåtningen med FIRESPAWN (FIREBORN just då). Dom hade ju redan flashat den på SRF men nu skulle den flasha förbi i deras nya officiella video “Becoming”. Volbeat har väl adrig ingått i min lilla hörna av hårdrock & metal. Enda kopplingen hittills har varit att dom faktiskt är King Diamonds personliga vänner (några av dom dök upp på rehearsalveckan i Danmark för ett antal år sen. I vilket fall så blev det en deal. Videon nedanför↓

“Becoming” Official Video – news

The Carrion Feast 7″ by the magnificent IMPURE from NY,US. Released in March 2021. Provided a live pic for that one.
Good shit!!! Limited to 300 copies. (Henry´s photos!)

[originally posted @ Insta] A care package from my great friends @norwegianrat arrived!!


The new ALFAHANNE vinyl (the white one which is limited to 100 copies. Comes with a slipmat, patch & a sticker. My photo [(C) Siirtola] on the cover), a couple of new bags and a super comfy and stylish Skakke hoodie. Happy days!!❤️
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Get your copy of the vinyl before they go (only 500 all together):
All the great stuff @ Norwegian Rat:

Walking about in the slaughterhouse area in Stockholm. Taking some pictures. More about it soon.
[Pic 1 by me, pics 2-3 by Sarah Olsson]

All cool in one picture: Firespawn, Necrophobic, Naglfar, Entombed, Entombed A.D., Unleashed, Totalt Jävla Mörker, Dimmu Borgir, Defleshed, Raised Fist, Dark Funeral, Torture Division, The project Hate, Grave, Krux, Morbid, Nihilist, Death Breath, Dead Kosmonaut….and so on:)

Pic by Sarah Olsson

Pic by Sarah Olsson