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  • Kosmogon day out

    Nice day out with KOSMOGON. Sophie (Slavestate Mag, Club Distortion etc) and Nicklas (Anekdoten) being such good sports on our countryside tour south of Stockholm. Debut album “Mässan” will be out in August!
    More pics eventually.

    “Instrumentalists Sophie Linder and Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten) conjure up dark hallucinogenic visions and pastoral atmospheres using grand evocative electronic themes with spacey vintage synths, analog organs, and gentle Mellotrons” – Band Bio

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    Tried to get the same feeling as on the album cover. Ofc not EXACTLY the same but worked out ok I think:))

  • Happy New Year! 2019 – The Short Version

    Shit I did and my best findings from the past year (In no specific order. And I may have forgotten an album or 2…:/. See you in 2020:)



  • Troll shooting in Iceland

    A weekend in Reykjavik for a MORTIIS photo shoot on friday and the Reykjavik Goth Night at Gaukurinn on Saturday. The event was really cool, but more about that later when I can check the pics from the venue. Need to sort out pics from the shoot first.
    We got some obstacles and restrictions (lights, weather, temperature etc etc xD), but we had the most awesome help from Tómas and Anna, who drove us around and assisted when needed:) So we worked with what we got and I think we did alright. What a fantastic country!!!

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    “Spirit Of Rebellion”, Gatefold LP on Picture Disc Vinyl, strictly limited edition of 100 copies. March 2021.

  • DU XUYEAO – August 2017 in Beijing, China

    This is my friend Du X., who owns the awesomest vintage clothing shop on Gulou Dongdajie in Beijing. Had a portrait shoot with him one morning before he opened the shop att 11AM.
    Metalhead to the core (partly a sucky kind of melofolkdeath taste, but we do agree on many bands. Bathory, Motörhead and so on;) and a collector of all kinds of cool & creepy stuff. Like authentic kapala´s, shrunken heads, Navajo art and also all kinds of old tribal/ritual/sacrificial items from all over.
    We were about to do one more shoot before I left Beijing for good for some weeks ago, but it didn´t happen. have to plan for it when I go and visit at some point. There have been some big changes going on in Beijing ever since I moved there May last year and they are far from done yet. Gulou Dongdajie is one of the most popular streets in town and the changes were about to happen there also. Big time. So no one really knows what´s going to happen. Du´s shop is still there for now at least. I´m keeping an eye on my old hood;)

    Most of the collected items are not for sale, but they are all over the place, so even if you´re not into getting some nice garments, you can always pop in just to see all the other stuff.
    So be sure to pay him a visit if you ever go to Beijing!!:)

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  • BLACK SHADOWS TATTOOS photo shoot 20/7 2011

    For a long time ago me and the great Sinister artist Carlos (Aguilar) started talking about a photo shoot for BLACK SHADOWS TATTOOS, and finally we made it happen. After a long & nice day in Uppsala we ended up with shitloads of really cool portraits. I´m really proud and honoured that he asked me in the first place. Also big thanks to Akilles  the DevilDog and the 2 Mauri´s for assistance and company:)
    Carlos have tattooed many of the greatest bands in extreme metal (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, DISSECTION, DESTRUCTION, KRISIUN, DIMMU BORGIR, EXODUS, LOCK UP, VADER… and many more cool bands and musicians.) So of course I also have a tattoo made by him. Pic below. (I love it!!:) B/W, mostly freehand. Done in less than 2 hrs.)

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  • Spazmosity promo shoot April 2008

    Yesterday was really too nice and warm for spending the whole day in the studio…the first  spring-like day in  a long time. But I didn`t mind so much. Somehow I always enjoy spending e few hours with a bunch of evil men covered in blood;) And we got  some awesome pics!!
    And then we spent quite a while scrubbing the floors…there was blood like everywhere:) And it was the real stuff, too. But the Spaz guys helped me out, so  I think it looks ok now. 
    Micke J. will be shooting some pics in the studio this morning, so I think he will tell me if he found something funny we left behind…
    He will also bring a brand new coffeemaker to the studio today!!! Wiieeeeee!! At last!!