Snapshots from the mobile phone & camera. Once again an awesome fest!!!:D
Lots of thanks to Yngve & the crew (especially Jenny <3), Daniel, Carlos & Katja Blackshadows, Perra Karlsson and the guys from Impaled N. Had a great time thanks to you all!!
Won´t even start listing all friends and good people I met. See you soon again I hope!

For a long time ago me and the great Sinister artist Carlos (Aguilar) started talking about a photo shoot for BLACK SHADOWS TATTOOS, and finally we made it happen. After a long & nice day in Uppsala we ended up with shitloads of really cool portraits. I´m really proud and honoured that he asked me in the first place. Also big thanks to Akilles  the DevilDog and the 2 Mauri´s for assistance and company:)


Carlos have tattooed many of the greatest bands in extreme metal (SLAYER, KREATOR, NILE, DISSECTION, DESTRUCTION, KRISIUN, DIMMU BORGIR, EXODUS, LOCK UP, VADER… and many more cool bands and musicians.) So of course I also have a tattoo made by him. Pic below. (I love it!!:) B/W, mostly freehand. Done in less than 2 hrs.)



>>MORE (live clips etc)

A very few snapshots (as usual) on some I met at Lois. Some nice surprises, didn´t expect to meet so many I knew:) Had some beer, met some nice new people and got myself a deal for a tattoo!! I think this was the second time ever I ended up shooting metal in this area. Very, very upper class for you who don´t know;) I had fun, though. Home at 4AM, woke up with a headache…