The festival general himself with his band. Shitloads of energy in a guy who probably hadn´t been sleeping that much the past week or so.  The gig was ofc tucked in between other festival duties:)
Line up: Død – Guitar Skar – Vocals Hellbent – Bass Meathook – Guitar

Videos by Gordon Thaysen & Dag Ove Blindheim

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Snapshots from the mobile phone & camera. Once again an awesome fest!!!:D
Lots of thanks to Yngve & the crew (especially Jenny <3), Daniel, Carlos & Katja Blackshadows, Perra Karlsson and the guys from Impaled N. Had a great time thanks to you all!!
Won´t even start listing all friends and good people I met. See you soon again I hope!

“Keep of Kalessin is a metal band from Trondheim, Norway formed in 1993 under the name Ildskjaer by Ghâsh (guitar, vocals) and Obsidian C. (drums). In 1996 they recorded the demo “Skygger av Sorg”. The band decided not sell it because they were unsatisfied with it, but did send it out to labels. A Greek label called Demonion Productions offered to release the demo tape and Avantgarde Music gave them a multi-albums contract. In 1997 “Through Times of War” was recorded and released”   Discogs

Line up: Obsidian C. – Vocals, Guitars, Compositions / Wizziac – Bass, Backing Vocals / Vyl – Drums.


[Liveclips by Oldskoolmetalvids & iwasthere01]



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FB: “The most aggressive Punks in Black Metal! Endstille a german formation, founded in December 2000, plays ugliest aggressive Black-Metal with the fire rate of a MG42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery. FUCK HELL!!!”

Members: Zingultus – Agitator Mayhemic Destructor – Artillerie Cruor – Bombenhagel L.Wachtfels – Sturmgeschütz B.Killed – Sturmgeschütz

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alfahanne1»“Alfahanne plays alfapocalyptic rock exclusively. Since the first gathering of the cult 2010 Alfahanne´s formula has been to mix black metal with classic rock and punk and some goth influences.”
Members: Pehr Skjoldhammer: Vocals, Guitar Fredrik Sööberg: Guitar Niklas Åström: Drums Jimmy Wiberg: Bass

Didn´t really know if I would like it or not. I did like. A lot!:D

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Shared the flights with my friends in VALKYRJA. For better and for worse (the latter on our way back home:)).

They totally rule! Both as the awesome persons they are and (of course) as a band which totally crushed at Garage. One of the best gigs I´ve seen with them althought I haven´t seen a bad one yet:) Btw, just realized I saw my first VALKYRJA show in 2008 at the legendary (later burned to ashes) Tantogården.



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