I´ve seen these guys many times (latest was just a week or so ago in Finland) and they have always been great. Still, they can take it up a notch every now and then and this gig was for sure one of those with extra everything. Crazy & sweaty kick ass show!!:D

“DESTRÖYER 666 continue to do what they are best at: kicking ass and hammering out heavy metal that is slamming straight into the face. No compromise, no sell out, no bullshit!” – Season of Mist

Luciferian Society

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Est. 1994. No Remorse, No Regrets, No Surrender!

“DESTRÖYER 666 continue to do what they are best at: kicking ass and hammering out heavy metal that is slamming straight into the face. No compromise, no sell out, no bullshit!” – Season of Mist. Release of ‘Never Surrender’ -22

Fukken great band:D Seen them live lots of times and they are always fantastic! Last year they played indoors at Steelfest and now on the outdoor stage. Watched all of it before taking off to the last gig of the first evening (MARDUK played on the indoor stage. Made it in time:)
[Live clips below by Tales From The Frontline Gronn Onland & Infinite Chaos Promotions (The gig in 5 parts]

Collected notes:
– Latest release: Bitter Scorn EP 7″ 2023 (Burn Records)
– Label: Season of Mist
– Band: K.K. : Vocals, Guitar Ro : Guitar, vocals Felipe : Bass Kev Desecrator : Drums
– Compilation ‘To the Devil His Due’ is out on August 25, 2023 via Season of Mist. Pre-order HERE.
‘To The Devil His Due’ collects four long out-of-print seven-inch EPs from the one, and only, DESTRÖYER 666. Spanning from 1998 – 2010, this collection is satanic speed metal savagery. While they burn with maximum fury, these songs only hint at the venom that came spewing from these bare-knuckle brawlers.”
KK Warslut Interview @ Bardo Methodolgy March 2016
KK Warslut Interview @ Bardo Methodolgy July 2016
KK Deströyer 666|Bestial Warlust Interview @ Bardo Methodolgy 2023 (excerpt)

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One of my all time top bands. Good to see some satanic speed metal again. Kick ass shit as always.
My pics, on the other hand, shit without the kick ass part:) Standard metal club gig light/smoke conditions (as with many other bands here and everywhere) but nothing to cry & complain about, just to go with whatever you´re given. The harsh reality of a metal photographer:)
[Live clips by Gronn Onland & CanKer]


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psoa16Absolutely brilliant! Such a great show with one of my most loved bands. And P. (WATAIN) as their “tireless one man road crew” and also The Pyro Guy (pyros even for NIFELHEIM the day after).

The first bang took everyone by surprise, even the guys on stage :D Omfg that heat!! Unfortunately I was in the pit and couldn´t capture the the sky high hellfires from so close but there is at least one pic taken from the back of the crowd. You have to google it. It could also be posted on the bands FB page?) Anyways, agreed with the band to shoot during the whole gig so got some from the stage also. I never went back to the pit which I regretted in the end when P, joined in at some point and especially when they played “Tamam Shud” with both KzR from BÖLZER and former D 666 member Mersus (drums 2001-2012, nowadays GOSPEL OF THE HORNS) joined them on stage. Fkn legendary!!


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A few more on the extreMMetal.se Facebook page!
Thanks to everyone involved! Great festival and great times as usual:))


Snapshots from the mobile phone & camera. Once again an awesome fest!!!:D
Lots of thanks to Yngve & the crew (especially Jenny <3), Daniel, Carlos & Katja Blackshadows, Perra Karlsson and the guys from Impaled N. Had a great time thanks to you all!!
Won´t even start listing all friends and good people I met. See you soon again I hope!