Death Metal from Zion, Illinois since 1997.
VERY sunny and hot on stage when the guys performed but they did a good job:)

“Evil Incarnate specializes in pure death metal a la Possessed, Numskull and otherst. They were formed in 1994 as Apollyn and released a demo called Beyond Blasphemy.
With Vehenkamp in the fold the band recorded a new demo called Deliverance From Salvation. In 1997 the guitarists change and two former Fear Spawned Religion members join. Simultaneously, the band changed its name. The demos Evil Incarnate and Christ Destroyed followed. Blood Of Saints was essentially a compilation of the band’s music so far. The 1997 and 1998 demos were put on CD by Deathgasm and on cassette by Ramu Records. After several years of absence the band returned in the summer of 2005 with a new album, label and drummer. Vehenkamp was reportedly booted from the band for personal reasons. The band planned to work with Sinister Sounds as of 2006, but the two parties split up when the Canadian label was unable to issue a band compilation on time. Christopher of Krabathor joined the band in 2008.”

[Live clipS by Gronn Onland, sarvi, ]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Lucifers Crown Full-length 2023
– Label: Bestial Burst
Interview @ Canadian Assault Zine March 2009