WITCHCRAFT (Fin) – Steelfest Saturday 20/5 2023

Black/Death from Hamina, Finland. Existing as WITCHCRAFT since 2013. They started up as Black Feast (2009-2012) and in 2013 name change to Blasphemous Witchcraft. For a short while.
The past decade they´ve released a whole bunch of ltd edition demos (mostly cassettes) and some splits.

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Evil Manifests Compilation 2022 (cassette / Ltd 50 copies)
– Label: Escafismo Records
– The German quality tape label Darkness Shall Rise got some of the tapes in stock darknessshallrise.de/product/witchcraft-fin-black-imprecation/?v=f003c44deab6. A couple of cd/lp @ levykauppax.fi. There are several places you can still find WITCHCRAFT tapes so just google for them.


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