Melodic Death from Canada (Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador). Quite a new band, formed in 2018.

Not too much info to find, but some bits & pieces: Lyrics are about War, History, Anti-religion & Politics and musically they are inspired by inspired by “the controversial US band Aghroslent” according to a review. The band calls their style “Sentimental Death Metal”. The vocalist Adam Sharr is also in a black metal band called Nocturnal Prayer.

“Mount Pearl death metal outfit GRENADIER are one of the newest extreme metal groups to emerge from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
While releasing their first full-length album, GRENADIER are easily pushing the standards of melodic death metal to a higher level. “Trumpets Blare in Blazing Glory” grants you with tons of groovy riffs, epic vocals and blasting drums.So load your musket, grab your sword, run into the battle and get ready for a devastating charge!”

– Drakkar Records

[Live clip by Gronn Onland]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Trumpets Blare in Blazing Glory Full-length 2022
– Label: Drakkar Productions