“Hail Conjurer is the sole province of prolific underground veteran Harri Kuokkanen, renown for Hooded Menace, Ride For Revenge, and Horse Latitudes.
Under the selfsame nom de plume Hail Conjurer, he creates ugly and idiosyncratic black metal born from ancient fires and dark desires, and since the band’s birth in 2017, he’s explored this unique muse across a grand total of five full-lengths, four demos, two splits, one collaborative album, and a digital single. Truly, Hail Conjurer is a dark and dank headspace like no other”
– Kronosmortus News

HAIL CONJURER is a one man band even on stage, but still lots of sound. No live guys, just Harri Kuokkanen who is a very productive person with quite a lot of different stuff going on. Been checkin him out afterwards and so far the -22 album “Earth Penetration” is the coolest.
Not heard everything yet, tho.

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[Live clips by Gronn Onland & Infinite Chaos Promotions]