Labeled on the Metal Archives as Experimental Black Metal. Dunno, but RFR was awesome!! Really, really good:D
Interesting Finnish band delivering Darkness, Evil & Satan since 2001.
Drums: HAIL CONJURER (Harri Kuokkanen), who performed with a brilliant solo thingy on thursday!

When I’m composing, it’s always kind of a hunt. This is very intriguing and a big part of that sound-chase for me. Finding a sound, like a simple powerful riff or dirge that keeps going and swallows your soul. There is something undeniably pagan and earthly to it.”Harald Mentor, interviewed for Bardo Methodology 2022

[Live clips by Gronn Onland, Tales From The Frontline, sarvi]

Collected notes & links:
– Latest release: Born Alive Abortion Live album 2023
Interview with Harald Mentor @ Bardo Methodology 2022
Interview with Harald Mentor @ Bardo Methodology 2018
– Band: Nordic Elukka (Heidi Kettunen) Bass Harald Mentor (Sami Kettunen) Vocals J. Pervertor Guitars Hail Conjurer Drums